My workspace

January 12, 2024


A third space

Since the world went remote, I've been obsessed with making my workspace a sort of sanctuary. A detachment from everyday life that lets me create in peace without any of the worries of the outside world.

It started with the standing desk, fashioned from a piece of birch butcher's block and a Fully Jarvis frame, a nice blend of technology and the natural world that surrounds it. As the center-piece, the desk became the room's overall aesthetic: bright woods, matte black hardware, and furniture exuding an aura of coziness.

As is with all hobbies, I began pouring more and more time into the space. Tweaking various elements, shifting furniture around, and buying new pieces —along with some much needed cord management.

I poured so much time into the space that it was featured on Workspaces in its 209th and later 292nd editions.

2024 setup

As a taller person, I've been a fan of third party monitor arms for as long as I can remember. In the past, I've clung to cheap and sturdy pole-arm mounts and have found myself wanting a more premium product.

Enter the Fully Jarvis Herman Miller arm.

The desk itself is a Fully Jarvis and I trust their products —no matter who's selling them. So, I kept it in the family and purchased their monitor arm after some scrupulous research, S/O Watts' review.


Further that with some mood lighting from the Philips Hue collection and Voilà, the 2024 setup featuring a floating Studio Display.


  • Apple Studio Display
  • 16" Macbook pro M3
  • Apple Magic Keyboard & Trackpad
  • Fully Jarvis standing desk frame
  • Birch butcher's block countertop
  • Fully Jarvis dual monitor arm
  • Philips Hue Play Lightstrip