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February 16, 2024

A new contribution

Every year or so I draw up what my personal site could look like as a Github-style contribution graph, and every year I shelf that idea for something else teeming in trend.

This year was different.


As January rolled through, I saw my friend Raffi put out a little project called Figwig and it served as the perfect inspiration for what this hodge-podge Github x Notion x Pinterest style site could be.

Many thanks, Raffi 🤝

All about the fizz

The site needed to ring effervescent.

Light, airy, in-the-moment updates I can quickly afix to a digital cork board. All things side projects, work stuff, dog pictures, and quirky explorations to boot.


Thank you, for reading this, for checking out the site and spending some time exploring what I've made, for inspiring me to add more.

With love,

— Logan